The Pharmacy Technician (American Pharmacists Association Basic Pharmacy & Pharmacology)

The Pharmacy Technician (American Pharmacists Association Basic Pharmacy & Pharmacology)

The Pharmacy Technician (American Pharmacists Association Basic Pharmacy & Pharmacology) Rating:
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  1. ephany77 says


    I used this book along with the accompanying study guide (sold separately) to study for my PTCB national certification exam. The chapters are broken down in an easy to follow format, and are arranged in logical order. Important key terms are emphasized and there are self tests at the end of every chapter. The book addresses retail pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, extended care pharmacy and other avenues that a certified technician can follow.

    Even though I’ve worked in retail pharmacy for over two years, there was A LOT of information in this book I’d never been exposed to. The hospital and extended care information alone made it well worth the investment. I passed my exam on the first try and I’m convinced it was because of this book and the accompanying workbook. I definitely recommend this book as a study guide for the PTCB exam.

  2. Rating

    The book is thorough, logical in sequence, and provides a good range of things one might get tested on, in more than one way. Excellent for those with no prior knowledge of the subject, and still interesting for those who do.

  3. Amanda J. Teague says


    I have really enjoyed this book, and it has helped me learned a lot. Verying interesting which helps you learn and has a lot of useful information! Highly recommend.

  4. Kate Sosinska says


    Books arrived promptly, have not yet used, my class starts 5/20, I scanned the pages and everything looks intact. Thanks.

  5. Ruth Sheek says


    I’m studying for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) exam

    because Texas requires this particular exam for me to be registered with the state board. I’m glad I’m using this book because it covers multiple topics that I didn’t even realize might be needed in this field. It’s easy to read, and each chapter has review questions in a Self Test that help me spot areas I need to study more. Plenty of illustrations and a format that keeps pertinent information on the same page as the visuals make it a smooth reading experience. I’ve also purchased the companion workbook to reinforce what I’m learning before taking the exam.

  6. Steven Weed says


    Outstanding book! Follows a very logical format of presentation. It has frequent self-tests that provide feedback. It has summaries at the end of each chapter that encapsulate the most significant points. This book can work on it’s own, but there is a companion workbook and review that provides an excellent accompaniement and further testing for exam preparation. Buy both!

  7. pharmachick says


    I really dig this book. Lots of great information and told in a way that doesn’t make me want to take a nap every time I open it up. I’m using this to study for the national test and I’m feeling a lot more confident about certification than I would be without it.

  8. Twinziemom says


    I studied from this book alone for two weeks and passed the exam on my first try.

  9. A. Cameron says


    Good buy so far. I’ve only gotten through the first 55 pages but it seems like a great book. Good information and thorough without being overwhelming.

  10. Addison Briggs says


    I researched various study guides for a friend who was interested in preparing for the PTCB exam and this one looked like a winner. After receiving it, I went through it to review and I liked it a lot. Well written, comprehensive, and easy to understand. It has review summaries at the end of each chapter plus a short quiz. It covers everything that a tech needs to know before sitting for an exam. I’ve seen other prep and review books for technicians but this one is definitely one of the best! I was fortunate to have also received a companion workbook at no charge with this purchase that is very useful after completing the study guide (it usually sells separately for $30!). Overall, a great buy for preparing for the exam! Highly recommend!