The Best Pharmacist

The Best Pharmacist

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This book is based on the life of a pharmacist as she struggles with alcoholism, anorexia nervosa with subsequent kidney failure, drug addiction, jail, rehab and recovery, and ovarian cancer. It is a remarkable story of redemption through the 12 Steps of Recovery. It chronicles the steps this pharmacist took to produce a complete personality change resulting in her sobriety. Despite a dysfunctional upbringing, drug overdoses, a reckless lifestyle, and ovarian cancer, today, because of the 12 Step Program, she is happy, joyous, free and sober.


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  1. P. Winters says


    not only in this book an inspiring story but its also a lesson on life and how to deal with the curve balls thrown at you. this woman is an amazing person and deserves a medal for what she has gone through in life. buy this book and I personally gaurantee you will love it!

  2. Barbara S. Reeves says


    I just received The Best Pharmacist in the mail yesterday and knocked it out in two sittings. It was written by Anne D. who is a pharmacist and whose life slowly spun out of control due to her addiction to drugs and alcohol. It was a very honest look at her life beginning with her dysfunctional childhood and ending with her battle with ovarian cancer several years into her new found sobriety. The Best Pharmacist is honest in a way that only a good addiction memoir can be honest. As Anne says, we’re only as sick as our secrets. A recovering addict must live a life of total transparency; their life must literally be an open book, and The Best Pharmacist is the candid story of Anne’s journey to hell and back.

    I most enjoyed the mid-section of the book where Anne shows us how she worked each of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous with her sponsor. It was driven home to me how the Twelve Steps can help anyone live a better life regardless of whether they are an addict or not. The Twelve Steps are a practical guide to living that will enable anyone to handle anything that life throws at them as it inevitably will. The proof of this is in Anne’s battle with cancer. The courage with which she battles this demon is astounding, and I don’t believe she would have been able to do it so courageously without her program of recovery. And I would also say that her skillful use of humor and positive attitude is her most valuable asset.

    I only wish I could have grasped the necessity of the AA program as quickly as Anne did. After my first meeting, I rejected it, and it took me eleven more years of unconsciously (and consciously) trying to kill myself before I finally “got it,” before I finally realized what I was really dealing with. I applaud Anne for a job well-done and I thank her for revealing to me yet another beautiful layer in the life of recovery.

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  3. Rating

    “The Best Pharmacist” is a great read. It speaks not only to those who have personally experienced or witnessed addiction, but all readers. It gives greater understanding of addiction as a disease. Anne D.’s experience is evidence that addiction does not discriminate in chosing its victims and also exhibits that the disease can be fought and overcome. It is an incredible story of struggle and triumph that has so much to teach. The lessons in the book are universal and I don’t think it is possible to read without gaining something. I was in disbelief of all that Anne had been through in her life and I was inspired by her positive attitude and unshaken courage in facing it all. Reading this book will put things in your life into perspective and restore your faith in the human ability to conquer anything.