The 24-Hour Pharmacist: Advice, Options, and Amazing Cures from America’s Most Trusted Pharmacist

The 24-Hour Pharmacist: Advice, Options, and Amazing Cures from America's Most Trusted Pharmacist

The 24-Hour Pharmacist: Advice, Options, and Amazing Cures from America's Most Trusted Pharmacist Rating:
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As a pharmacist for almost two decades, Suzy Cohen knows that medication can often be invaluable. But she has also learned to "think outside the pill" and recommend natural options that are often just as good or better at promoting health without the risk of dangerous, drug-induced side effects. In this comprehensive, one-of-a-kind resource, she answers such questions as:

  • How can I stop my husband/wife from snoring?
  • Are vitamin pills worth it or worthless?
  • Are there alternatives to antidepressants?
  • What kind of surge protection is there for hot flashes?
  • How can I train my body to lose fat?


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  1. Terri L. May says


    The 24hr Pharmacist is the bible when it comes to alternatives to conventional medicine. I think the public is ready for real options when it comes to our health, and alternative medicine is taking on a whole new place in society. The days of going to the doctor and getting a miracle pill, surgery, or a pat on the head are over. I want some alternatives and this book gives them to me.


    YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Terri May, L.M.T.

  2. Rating

    This book answers so many of the questions you would like to ask about maintaining your health. These are questions about managing your daily aches and pains, sniffles and coughs and other ailments that drag you down. If you ever wished you could have possible solutions to these problems, -literally at your fingertips, – then this book is for you.

    And if you are taking prescription medications,- there is a whole section in the book about how some prescription drugs may deplete important vitamins and other necessary substances in your body. The author not only warns you about these possible drug side effects, she also takes it one step further – and suggests ways you can counteract these effects by using ‘over the counter’ herbs and vitamins from your local drug or health food store. I wish I had this book years ago.

  3. The Bean Blog says


    Suzy Cohen breaks her book up in to sections based on sections of the body; Above the Waist, Above the Neck, Below the Waist, And Everything in Between. In each chapter she gives expert advice on everything from colds to toe fungus to heart disease and depression. But she doesn’t just spout out long lists of symptoms and tell you what drugs to take. She explains why we suffer from these diseases, describes the current drugs on the market and then gives some natural alternatives.

    The very first chapter is about fatigue. I’m a working mother of five trying to get my college degree. Oh do I ever know about fatigue. So right away I was hooked, marking pages to reread later and taking note of what to look for at the pharmacy and health food stores to help energize me.

    I also loved every chapter in the “And Everything in Between” section. Here Cohen gives tips on safe weight loss, cosmetics and other beauty products, how to avoid a cold and more. Did you know pineapple can help your arthritis? Or zinc can help your acne? And chocolate is good for you?

    I highly recommend this book. It’s a great resource with tips you can do at home to get healthy or ideas to discuss with your doctor.

  4. Rating

    The 24-Hour Pharmacist is a book written by a professional who understands the chemistry of drugs and how they interact with the body, but who has also taken the time to learn about herbs and natural remedies. The great thing about Cohen is that she gives readers these natural alternatives to deal with their health issues, instead of just advising them to rely on pharmaceuticals.

    Another thing she brings to the table that we don’t find very often is solid knowledge about interactions between drugs and supplements, so that her readers don’t get caught up in the storm of taking one drug to ease the symptoms of another. She advises readers not to mix certain drugs, and which drugs cause particular symptoms.

    Cohen has a unique blend of expertise – she is fluent in pharmacology as well as herbal medicine. Her final product is far more useful than the advice of medical practitioners who are only familiar with one method of treatment, or whose scientific education has been underwritten by the pharmaceutical companies themselves, which, sadly, is more and more often the case.

    The 24-Hour Pharmacist is a great reference book to keep on hand to help deal with sickness in the family, and it’s a fun cover-to-cover read – Cohen is a talented and entertaining writer who delivers valuable information that’s hard to find elsewhere.

    Thanks, Suzy, for bringing this vital info to us!

  5. Marita Graves says


    My first impression of “The 24-Hour Pharmacist” is that it’s an easy ‘friendly’ read, and I didn’t want to put it down. It addresses everyday issues and can be understood even by those with ‘furry’ thinking from too much stress and too little rest (Suzy addresses these issues as well).

    This book is written with clarity, wisdom, and wit and has taken top billing on my night stand! I felt like Suzy was writing to me, and her compassion wrapped it all up in a warm snuggly.

    While reading, I was reminded of various maladies that had been shared in confidence, during years of spiritual counseling, the type of thing we just “learn to live with.” Now we don’t have too.

    As many are questioning what to do for symptoms, besides popping an Rx, Suzy’s more natural pro-active approach offers both sound advice and hope.

    Everyone can benefit, or knows someone who can benefit, from her extensive knowledge. Of course you will go first to the chapter of your particular interest, either above or below the waist, and that’s ok. Take a look and then read the book! The whole thing. After all, doesn’t the responsibility for the care of our families still fall primarily on women…which includes our significant other! You buy his shirts, now buy this book.

    We women have a woman on our side, who knows what it feels like to be the recipient of a blank stare as the doctor offers little beyond an Rx, or a stock answer. Regarding physical concerns, my (ex) gynecologist patted me on the shoulder and told me to take up running, and with that parting comment, he left the room, and my questions, unanswered. To be clear, I am grateful, both for doctors’ expertise, and now for this book!

    Women unite. Take your well-being into your own hands, along with some sage advice from Suzy Cohen, our very own “24-Hour Pharmacist”.

    Rev. Marita Graves

  6. Rose G. Lauri says


    My daughter purchased this book through an advertisement in a magazine she received – paid $41.00 including postage. She told me about it and I immediately went to to see if I could get it at a better price. Sure enough – had a choice of new or used – I purchased a new copy of the paperback version for $21.00 total. Half Price with the Same Good Advice!

  7. Joy Buterbaugh says


    This book is very interesting and also educational,written by a pharmacist,she tells about some alternative things you can do for a medical problem that are not drugs.Also just tips you can do to keep yourself healthy,and the drug muggers-drugs that cause problems in your body. My daughter liked it so much, that I got one for her.She covers subjects from menopause to insomnia to osteoporosis to snoring and others.Obviously I love this book!! Joy B.

  8. Thomas G. Bohager says


    The 24 Hour Pharmacist is the perfect pill for anyone seeking insight on overall health from a resource that is thorough and fun to read. With chapter titles such as “Frazzled, Frustrated and Freaked Out: Coping with Anxiety and Stress” to “More Jiggle, Less Joint Pain: What You Can Do About Arthritis” you get the sense that the author well knows what course to recommend but also truly enjoys educating others. One feature I found especially enlightening were the sections in each chapter entitled “Suzy’s Secrets From Behind The Counter”. Here is where she (Suzy) offers great little insights to live by with a perspective that only a pharmacist can give. One good example of this is in the chapter about weight loss where she explains that some drugs can make you hungry. Included in her list are sedatives and tranquilizers, antidepressants, allergy pills, female hormones and diuretics. Wow, who knew?

    As the owner of an enzyme company and the author of two books on enzymes, I was especially interested in the chapters dealing with Digestion and Enzymes. Chapter 4 is entitled “Do You Have the Guts to Throw Away Your Antacids?” and enzymes are discussed on pages 201 and 202 in a chapter she calls “Lose Fat While You Sleep…When Pink Elephants Fly”. I must say, the information was extremely valuable yet easy to follow. I was so impressed with this book that I bought one for each member of my technical education team and asked them to become well acquainted with this excellent resource.

  9. Rating

    OK, I’ll confess…I haven’t finished the book yet. I just couldn’t wait that long to say what a fantastic reference book this is for anyone with a body! On top of that it’s an easy read and funny! The reason I haven’t finished it yet is that I can’t resist highlighting all the items I intend to go back to when I make my supplement list. I keep re-reading paragraphs to make sure I absorb (no pun intended) all the nutrients in the book and it’s FULL of them! More importantly, for someone who hasn’t taken even an aspirin in 30 yrs, it’s important to me to continually refine my supplementation to support my drug-free lifestyle!! You’d be crazy not to buy more than one (I got 6) because you will want to give one to everyone you care about and you won’t want to share the one you just earmarked, underscored, highlighted, carried with you to every meal or found tucked in the covers after falling asleep with every night ’till it’s fully digested (pun intended). Plus I happen to know how well-informed, intelligent and caring the author is. Namaste! The original Juggling Janet.

  10. Lynette R. Fleming says


    Anybody ever have a side effect from taking meds? For years I took theophyllin for asthma, until I self-diagnosed that this medicine was the cause of my rising blood pressure. My doctor at the time told me I would have to take it for the rest of my life, which probably would have been pretty short if I’d listened only to him. Instead, I researched the side effects of the drug, and sought out the opinion of another doctor. Today I am totally off it, and doin’ just fine . . . no wheezing or other breathing difficulties, and my blood pressure, while still higher than what I want it to be, is 40 points lower without taking medication to lower it.

    Suzy is a pharmacist who tells us to “think outside the pill,” and gives us the knowledge needed to accomplish that goal. She tells us about plant extracts, vitamins, herbs, aromatherapy, and supplements. Her expose on osteoporosis (another of my hereditary risks) is the best I’ve seen. I didn’t really care for Kevin Trudeau’s book on natural cures, which totally bashed traditional medicine. However, through my career as a healthcare recruiter, I have seen the pharmaceutical reps toting in food and other treats to physician practices and ancillary hospital departments. They are not doing this to be nice, but to encourage the staff to pedal the drugs they sell. So Kevin’s right about that. Suzy’s book, however, give us the best of both worlds . . . natural cures and traditional medicine, and any holistic physician will tell you there’s a time for both. Suzy shares her vast knowledge of natural cures and medicine, backing it up with well-reputed studies. If you’re looking for solutions in a pill, this isn’t the book for you. But if you like to manage your own health, with the help of well-educated professionals, this is a resource you shouldn’t be without. Buy it, read it, and age well!