Essential Spanish for Pharmacists

Essential Spanish for Pharmacists

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The Only Medical Spanish Book Focusing Exclusively on Words and Phrases Used by Pharmacists!

This unique pocket-reference provides Spanish translations and pronunciations for more than 500 of the most common words and phrases used in a pharmacy. Written by a pharmacist for the pharmacy field, the booklet covers everything from the initial patient encounter, patient data collection (insurance, medical history, etc) to patient consultation and instructions (administration instructions, duration, side effects, refills, storage, etc.).


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  1. Z. Keene says


    This isn’t a book, the back of it even says “This booklet”, although I’m not sure if it should even be called that. It has very limited information, most of it being geared towards someone who has never taken a spanish course (ever). Simple things like numbers and simple phrases are within but this would be useless if you were actually trying to converese with a spanish speaking patient.

  2. D in Allston says


    it’s more than a pamphlet. it’s a small soft-cover book, that I use every day that I am at work. It tells me how to type in the sigs in Spanish, and loose counseling. I think it’s great.

  3. Rating

    I disliked this book. The term “book” is used rather loosely, as it would better be described as a pamphlet. On page 34 it tells you how to say “one (1), una/uno, OO-nah/OO-no” as well as other essential numbers. Wowee! A small English/Spanish dictionary or a small Spanish medical book would be a much better investment.

  4. Rating

    I definitely expected a more comprehensive and helpful publication from this organization. What a waste of money. As for the person who gave the overly positive review….they are either fiscally invested in the publication, or VERY culturally inexperienced,with little-to-no demand for Spanish communication or cultural literacy. Either that, or this person has VERY low standards for the counseling they provide!