Ask Your Pharmacist: A Leading Pharmacist Answers Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Ask Your Pharmacist: A Leading Pharmacist Answers Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Ask Your Pharmacist: A Leading Pharmacist Answers Your Most Frequently Asked Questions Rating:
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With humor and friendliness, leading pharmacist Lisa Chavis has compiled a home health reference that every family must have. Her objective is to provide consumers with easy-to-understand answers to their most frequently asked health-care questions. ASK YOUR PHARMACIST gives readers the inside scoop on which products really work, as well as the best remedies for common ailments, and it cheerfully answers those embarrassing questions you'd rather not ask in person. The book's chapters each deal with a specific area of health: women's, men's, babies', teens' and more. And each entry explains what the problem is, why it occurs, and how it's treated with prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, or herbal remedies.Learn what to do for: ADHD * Allergies * Asthma * Athletic Injuries * Backache * Bad Breath * Bee Stings * BPH * Bunions * Cataracts * Chicken Pox * Cold and Cough * Constipation * Corns/Calluses * Dandruff * Diaper Rash * Diarrhea * Earaches * Excessive Hair * Fever * Fibromyalgia * Gas * Headache * Hives * Insomnia * Migraine * Nausea and Vomiting * Osteoarthritis * Rheumatoid Arthritis * Shingles * Sinusitis * Sore Throats * Sprains and Strains * Tinnitus * Toothache * Varicose Veins...and much, much more!Special appendixes round out the book with information for readers on:How to create a family first-aid kit, what to keep on hand when bringing home a new baby, additional resources to go to for help, and a glossary to help readers make sense of "pharmacy speak."AUTHORBIO: LISA M. CHAVIS, R.P.H., is a practicing pharmacist and consumer health information expert. Through her "Ask Your Pharmacist" columns in print, as an interactive on-line pharmacist and feature writer for, and as a "Ask the Experts" panelist on women's natural health and menopause, Chavis has dispensed caring health advice to millions. She lives in the New York metro area.


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    Here, at last, is a book that FINALLY answers the many common health questions that even physicians who are trained to fight disease and illness are ill prepared to answer. Most of us as lay persons and conusmers feel at times uncertain about or even fearful of knowing the truth about some common health and wellness questions. The author, a leading pharmacist, shares useful truths. Makes a great gift to almost anyone. Should be a first reference guide to health and happiness in every household.

    Frank Ferguson

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    This is a great book for people who can’t decide what to take for a stuffy nose, cough, constipation, headaches, etc. This book offers good recommendations for over the counter medications as well as alternative remedies for everyday ailments. I highly recommend this to anyone!

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    How many times have you walked past the drug counter, saw the pharmacist in their white jacket, had a question burning inside that you wanted to ask, and passed right by because you were just too embarassed? Well now, finally, here is a prescription to help. Ask Your Pharmacist is written with an intent to help you understand. It’s like taking a journey through the ailments of life, with a few stops at Disneyland on the way! From Prostate Cancer, to breast cancer; from aching, itching, sneezing to insomnia, varicose veins and acne…’s all here. It’s not often you pick up a medical book that you can’t put down. But, Ask Your Pharmacist does just that. If your ready for a journey through the unknown, with a guide who knows how to lead you, then this book is for you! Go ahead, buy it, enjoy it, and then let me know I was right so I can say I told you so ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Joseph S. Maresca says


    This book provides a wealth of information on maintaining
    general health. For instance, the author describes classic
    allergic reactions to drugs, food and various environmental
    factors. She explains how to control bad breath through
    brushing, flossing, tongue scrapers and spearmint flavor.
    The book continues by explaining the use of fiber to minimize
    constipation. Dandruff may be controlled with fish oils and
    flax oil. Excess gas may be managed with peppermint tea and lactaid. The authors explain how to control urinary tract
    infections with Azocran tablets. Overall, the book provides
    a wealth of information pertaining to maximizing personal
    hygiene. It is a good purchase as a supplement to your personal
    health and hygiene repertoire of books.

  5. Scotty Magic says


    I started out looking up topics in this handy book by Lisa Chavis, and found myself reading page after page. Not only are there ideas and recommendations for the most common (and most aggravating) everyday health problems in here, but there is a refreshingly cheerful look at pharmacists, doctors and consumers as well. The authors never talks down to the reader and seems to anticipate the questions that come up in the reading. The Humor Pills are delightful additions to rather than distractions from the content. I learned some things and had a good time doing it!