USF Pharmacy School Saved from Budget Cuts

Just a few days ago, students and faculty at the pharmacy school at the University of South Florida were worried that budget cuts in the state could mitigate their education abilities as a result of cuts to a program that directly funded some of the schools important functions.

Now they have learned that the budget cuts will spare the pharmacy school, putting to rest any concerns they had over lost funding – at least for now.

The pharmacy schools first class of 53 students is still attending classes at the school and hadn’t quite made it through their first year, and no where near graduation, when the decision to cut the budget was made by state lawmakers. Now the budget cuts will not touch the $6 million in funding granted to the pharmacy school, but will cut another $36 million from the USF Tampa campus where the school is located.

While it seems unfair that the pharmacy program is saved while other parts of the school will suffer, the president of the school, Judy Genshaft told ABC News that the cuts were fair in the overall view of what is happening with Florida Budget Cuts.

“We are being treated at the University of South Florida similarly to other research universities in the state and our cut is no more than any other university of similar size and similar dimension,” she told ABC’s Carson Chambers.


Many in the community and students attending classes are excited about the prospective impact that the pharmacy school will have on the health care industry. As healthcare reform takes place and as the population ages, pharmacy workers will have a bigger role in the overall health of the general public. This is a sentiment shared by most pharmacy schools in the nation, many of which are taking similar positions to that which USF takes. Pharmacy students are being encouraged and trained to be more involved in community healthcare.