UM Pharmacy College Focuses on Clinical Research

A Michigan pharmacy college is focused on clinical research for its students.

Students at the University of Michigan’s pharmacy college spent their summer last year working in real-world clinical situations, according to the college’s online news publication.

Pharmacy colleges all over the nation try to inject clinical studies into their curriculum whenever possible; giving students a real perspective of what life will be like after they have studies to become a pharmacist.

The pharmacy college at the University of Michigan seems to be taking the concept even further, offering its students the opportunity to spend vast amounts of time in the clinical settings and focusing on research oriented studies.

Foundational knowledge and abilities in the genre of research is a requirement for graduating the pharmacy college at UM. Their stated mission is to instill in their students the important of research abilities. The pharmacy college is focused on the result of great research: advanced analytical and communication skills.

Although they do not intend to develop research scientists, they often do.

Pharmacy college student Odilia Chan loves the research according to UM’s news publication, indicating a possible future in scientific research for her.

“I am still figuring out which way to go: bench science or clinical practice. But one thing is certain: I love research,” Chan told the publication.

The pharmacy college at the University of Michigan is complimented by The Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research’s Multidisciplinary Clinical Researchers in Training Program. They work together by putting pharmacy college students with scientific research professionals throughout a ten week program in the summer. The students are able to gain critical knowledge about the research concepts and practice them hands-on through individual and group training.

The University of Michigan’s pharmacy college offers a variety of specializations that lead up to Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences.