Pharmacy Technicians in College Take Health Training Seriously

Pharmacy colleges in the U.S. are gearing up for the inevitable shift in pharmacy operations that will require more pharmacists to work in the community – leaving more work to be done back at the pharmacy. According to industry reports, pharmacy technicians are expected to pick up the slack and handle more of the responsibility. Schools across the nation are preparing their students for this reality through programs such as the pharmacy technician training at Everest College:

(La Grange) As the population ages, pharmacies can expect to be busier than ever.

And that means more people will be needed to work there.

In anticipation of an increased demand for pharmacy technicians, Everest College in Burr Ridge will welcome its first students to a pharmacy technician program later this month.

“According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the majority of the fastest-growing occupations projected through 2018 are in health care, largely in response to rapid growth in the elderly population,” said Julia Landrum, president of Everest’s Burr Ridge campus.

The first pharmacy tech students will enter the classroom shortly, with a new class starting every month thereafter.

The program, which will meet five days a week at the Burr Ridge campus, 6880 N. Frontage Road, provides both technical and practical training in everything it takes to work as a pharmacy technician.

Students will spend four hours a day in the classroom and lab, learning about medications, how to store them and how to distribute them. They also will learn records management, inventory control and other information for working in a pharmacy.

Landrum said the instruction at Everest goes beyond teaching the day-to-day duties of filling prescriptions and helping customers.

“Professionalism is an important part of any job,” added Jake Kassuba, pharmacy technician instructor.

Students are instructed on how to dress, address people and behave in a professional manner.

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