Pharmacy Students School Others on Drug Abuse

Part of being a pharmacist is community education. More students are being taught that they will take a bigger part in community health care and disease prevention than prior pharmacy graduates. One school is sending pharmacy students out to area schools to do just that as they talk on the problems with drugs in among students in the United States.

(WCYB) May 15th, 2012 – We’ve reported on prescription drug abuse and addiction and how it is as big as the illegal drug problem.

Now some folks are working to teach your kids about prescription drug dangers; among them, a group of pharmacy students from ETSU.

Second-year pharmacy student Chris Lopez spoke to Sullins Academy students about prescription drug abuse on Tuesday. He told them of his own experiences from age two, his mother’s addiction and how it nearly ruined his family.

It is a painful story he hopes will help this generation with the growing problem. “Just watching her and everything that she went through, the pain that she caused all of our family…finally when I was 15 years old we lost her,” he said. “She lost her life to prescription drugs.”

He turned that negative situation into a bright future — he became a pharmacy student. Now he wants to help with the prescription drug problem. “Since then I’ve just been thinking about different ways to have some kind of impact,” he said. “That’s when I heard about this program. It was just something I knew that I was going to do.”

The program is called Generation RX, and it’s specifically aimed at a certain age group to warn both through personal experiences and information about the problem. Read more from WCYB News in Johnson City, TN.

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