Pharmacy Schools Can Boost Success of Independent Pharmacies

Pharmacy schools have been focusing on the business and entrepreneurship aspects of pharmacy for a few years now, following the rise in popularity for bigger chains that can offer better prices than a small, owner-operated community pharmacy.

Pharmacy schools may have a bigger role in the success of independent pharmacists than some students previously thought, however, thanks to a few tricks that bigger pharmacies may not always be able to pull off.

The technique is known as “compounding” or, as a profession “compounding pharmacists”. Compounding is the practice of customizing the delivery methods of medications to meet a specific customer’s needs. And while it is true that several big name pharmacy chains offer some of these services to its customer base, they are often limited by space and overhead costs.

Not all pharmacy schools offer this type of training to students, but those that do are helping out more than they may realize. Compounding is a technical ability, both in terms of pharmacist training and technology. It requires advanced knowledge of delivery systems such as liquid suspension and creams that can be absorbed through the skin. It also requires knowing how to make the transition from a pill form medication that is readily available to the pharmacy to using a powder to create a new method without diluting the medication and causing a loss of potency.

Adding to the viability for pharmacy school graduates intent on opening a community pharmacy is the need for this advanced education. Technically trained pharmacists and pharmacy technicians come at a higher price than most chain pharmacies are willing to spend on labor. Furthermore, schools that offer the training are subject to an accreditation process, making it easier to know which pharmacy schools are going to prepare students for this specialized career path.


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    Pharmacy Schools Can Boost Success of Independent Pharmacies…

    Despite the concern about chain stores, pharmacy schools can help students succeed as independent pharmacists….