Pharmacy School Students Aim at More than Chemistry

Students at the University of Sciences in Philadelphia, a top rated pharmacy school are learning more than just chemistry during their career at the university.

Some students take part in the NCAA competitive rifle team, competing against impressive NCAA collegiate teams such as West Point.

The pharmacy school’s rifling team was founded back in 1935 and is comprised of twenty-four of the school’s students.

While rifle competitions seems to be a far-cry from the white-coated lab work one might imagine when thinking of pharmacy work, students and coaches are quick to point out the key similarities. Students at pharmacy schools are accustomed to the underlying themes in rifling and often draw the connections between their classroom activities and a rifle range’s competitive edge.

Their chosen career path means that students at the pharmacy school must pay very close attention to complex combinations, be mindful of variant factors, and be ready to adapt to the changing environment. Details are important in the lab and one small error may be a fatal one.

Put simply – careers in pharmacy involve detail oriented work and attention to the structure of things. Students at the Philadelphia pharmacy school say that rifling isn’t very different than what they’ve learned about being a pharmacist.

Competitive rifling is about repeatedly drawing on the same information each time they lift a rifle, adapting the strategy to the meet the variants of their environment, while maintaining near perfection in order to obtain a repeated, positive result.

Other notable schools that offer a pharmacy career programs and compete in NCAA level rifle competitions include West Virginia University and Florida A & M University.

The pharmacy school students at the University of Sciences in Philadelphia ranked 15th, despite competing against schools like the U.S. Naval Academy where students are studying for careers in the military and are required to obtain high-level expert marksmanship skills.