Pharmacy School Published 5-Year Plan

A pharmacy school in North Carolina recently settled a new strategic plan for that covered seven different initiatives at the school.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill approved the plan for academic years 2012 to 2017 that discusses education transformation, pharmacy practices, research and training, and others.

The pharmacy school is known for its self-analysis procedures which keep it near the top rungs on the pharmacy education ladder. The first initiative in the strategic plan involves updating decade-old curriculum methods and creates methodologies that are current in the health industry. The school lists five objectives under this topic, including evaluation and development for professional programs, graduate programs, and career planning as well as professional development.

The practice of pharmacy initiative is set up to develop pharmacists through innovative research for which the state is well-known in the pharmacy industry. Among the objectives for the practice initiative at the school is positioning the school to take advantage of opportunities to improve the practice of pharmacies, engage the community in health care, and promote leadership among the pharmacy school’s graduates and current students.

Thanks to sponsorship growth, the school is also investing more into the research and training aspects of pharmacy education and pharmacy practice. Therefore, the school desires to position itself nationally and globally in important areas of research, to seek sources of greater funding for important research, and to expand the school’s research centers while maintaining their current research centers. There are five other objectives under the research heading in the pharmacy school’s strategic plan.

In all, the pharmacy school is planning initiatives in seven distinct areas: Pharmacy Practice, Education Transformation, Research and Training, Global Engagement, Pharmacy School Operations, Faculty Talent and Leadership, and making Strategic Planning, Assessment, and Quality Improvement a part of the day to day culture at the pharmacy school.