Pharmacy School Opens Soon in WV

A new pharmacy school is set to open ahead of schedule at the Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Spring Valley, West Virginia this summer.

Marshall University’s School of Pharmacy was set to open in August, but new reports say the facility might be completed as early as July.

The $7.5 million renovation project to turn two-floors of the Robert Coon Education Building into the university’s pharmacy school is nearing completion. School officials say that the majority of the faculty has already been hired and they are hoping to open up for classes in the fall term for this year. Students can apply for the new program up until March 1st, 2012.

They are expected to host less than 100 nursing school students the first term and interest in the new pharmacy program is already peaking in the area. The pharmacy school will offer a 6-year doctoral degree in pharmacy, focusing two-years on foundational knowledge and the remaining four-years in pharmacy medical studies. The degree is widely known as a “PharmD” degree.

Although construction is almost complete, the school is still seeking accreditation. School officials are hopeful however; the school could achieve accreditation candidacy status before the fall term would begin. The accreditation process has been underway for over a year already and a visit by the accrediting agency should take place this spring according to earlier reports. Officials from the pharmacy school met with the American Council for Pharmacy Education last summer to discuss the accreditation process and the timeline for the school to open.

If the pharmacy school’s site visit occurs as scheduled, a group of education professionals in the pharmacy school industry will make a personal visit to the facility, will review all of the coursework set out for the program, and will speak with all of the hired faculty members to evaluated the pharmacy schools readiness for accreditation.


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    Pharmacy School Opens Soon in WV…

    A new WV pharmacy school has been in the works since last year and hopes to open up for classes this fall….