Pharmacy School Opens New Facility in MS

A pharmacy school in Mississippi just opened a brand new facility in Jackson that will be dedicated to the advancement of the school’s pharmacy program and the success of it’s students.

The University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy held the dedication ceremony for its new education and research building on February 23rd at the UM Medical Center.

The education and research building allows students and faculty a place to call home while away from the central location in Oxford, MS. Student of the pharmacy school come to Jackson in their third year of the program in order to complete the professional studies portion of the school’s pharmacy program. The facility is offering state-of-the-art technology to the students as well as research teams that conduct studies at the school.

Research and pharmacy development is commonly completed at pharmacy schools throughout the country. Pharmacy schools have been responsible for discovering new drugs and treatments, as well as innovative ways of redesigning old medications so that they work on health conditions in new ways. Schools work with larger health care facilities, pharmacy companies, and even government agencies in the pursuit of better, patient oriented pharmaceuticals.

The research laboratories at the new education and research building will allow up to eight researchers to work at the pharmacy school and the facility will allow researchers to investigate common problems and challenges in the pharmacy industry. Medication therapy has had its fair share of controversy, so drug abuse and drug use is a common topic in research fields about the use of pharmaceuticals.

Despite all its capabilities, the pharmacy school’s association dean for clinical affairs said in a report by the school that “The most important thing is, it will bring us all together. It will increase our face-to-face interaction, and that is going to increase morale, both for students and faculty.”


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    Pharmacy School Opens New Facility in MS…

    A pharmacy school based in Oxford, MS recently opened a new research lab\education facility in Jackson….