Pharmacy School Recognized for Community Service

A Mississippi pharmacy school was awarded for addressing the needs of their local community.

The University Of Mississippi School Of Pharmacy used research and education to come to the aids of their community this year.

The pharmacy school award is intended to bring awareness to the way that acts of community service can positively impact people and the health industry.

The pharmacy school has coordinated with local pharmacists and utilized school faculty members to help deliver care to needy communities in their local areas and beyond.

Some of the pharmacy school’s coordinated team of professionals live in the most affected communities and are very motivated to make a difference in the lives of their neighbors.

The pharmacy school dean, Barbara D. Wells says, “They improve the health and quality of life of Mississippians and provide our students an opportunity to apply what they have learned in our classrooms and labs.”

The pharmacy school has an embedded commitment to improving their community and they share this passion with their students and faculty, who take on the various positions required to fulfill the school’s mission in the community.

A special program created by the pharmacy school goes beyond the traditional outreach of community action groups. The Delta Pharmacy Patient Care Management Project is compelled to do more to meet the needs of those in poverty with little or no health care.

The program participants, including the pharmacy school’s students, assist pharmacy professionals in integrating their experience and new technologies. They also assist with coordinating classes that educate the population about diseases and have created new positions in the community for Community Pharmacy Residency applicants.

The pharmacy school provides weekly sessions at a clinic or other site, led by a qualified pharmacist on the topics of diabetes and nutrition.

The award will be presented to the pharmacy school in July of next year in Kissimmee, Florida.