Pharmacy School Coming to California

Two colleges in the state of California are teaming up to open a pharmacy school in the state to meet the expected growth in this allied-health sector over the next decade.

California’s Chapman University and the Keck Graduate Institute are making plans to enter into a joint venture to open the new School of BioPharmacy.

The new pharmacy school will teach students about pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, two closely related fields in the health industry. Blended training programs such as this offer students the opportunity to earn a PharmD degree (doctorate of pharmacy) and go on to become community pharmacists or to earn a scientific degree and work in the related fields of research, medication development, and clinical trials.

According to a news report by KGI, the school offers a unique opportunity to the schools and the students who may attend classes. This collaboration is a remarkable opportunity. It builds on KGI’s innovative professional master’s and postdoctoral programs and close biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry ties, and takes advantage of Chapman’s strengths in computational sciences and entrepreneurship,” said James L. Doti, president of Chapman University in the February report.

The new pharmacy school from Chapman and Keck will most likely be based at the Keck Graduate Institute initially. Pharmacists graduating from the school will be able to work in the pharmacy and biotechnology fields. The school is planning a fall 2014 launch date, but there is still much work to be done for now. They need to find a dean with heavy experience in pharmacy education to start things off.

In the future, Chapman University plans to build a new facility to house the pharmacy school and the school’s own Schmid College of Science and Technology. The new pharmacy school is just the latest in an ongoing trend to put pharmacists in leading roles in patient healthcare.