Pharmacy School Comes to Kentucky

A new pharmacy school is opening soon in Kentucky, with close relationships in the state of West Virginia.

The University of Charleston, WV, is opening a pharmacy school in Paintsville, KY to expand on its new reputation as a leader in pharmacy.

The pharmacy school will be part of the curriculum at an existing Kentucky institution, the Midway College of Paintsville. In a press release this week, Midway College announced the opening of the new pharmacy school to the world. Greg Stumbo (Speaker) and other local legislators made the official announcement to a large audience in conjunction with Midway College administrators at the Johnson Central High School campus.

“There are many things to celebrate at Midway College. This decade is the most transformational in the institution’s history and we are committed to continuing this upward spiral of progress in the advancement of education. That is why we are assembled in Paintsville, Kentucky today to meet another need by opening a School of Pharmacy,” said Midway College President Dr. William B. Drake Jr.

He went on to say that the new pharmacy school fits with Midway College’s mission to growth the number of health education programs available in their community. In addition to noting the community support gained through such a relationship with UC’s pharmacy program, Drake said that pharmacists are needed and Paintsville is a great place to live while studying to become a pharmacist.

The new pharmacy school will be housed on the Mayo Campus of Big Sandy Regional and Technical Center temporarily. Eventually, the pharmacy school will be located at a more permanent home but they aren’t yet sure where the campus will be. The school will offer a Pharm. D. Degree to students who complete the entire program and Midway plans to enroll nearly 100 students each year into the pharmacy school program.


  1. SocialSave says:

    Pharmacy School Comes to Kentucky…

    A big name pharmacy school is moving to Paintsville, KY….

  2. says:

    Pharmacy School Comes to Kentucky…

    A big name pharmacy school is moving to Paintsville, KY….