Pharmacy School Closer to Accreditation

A new pharmacy school in Charleston, WV is finally finished accepting applications after months of waiting for the school’s accreditation process and renovations to be completed.

The Marshall Pharmacy School has now accepted 350 applications and the applications faculty has sent out 35 acceptance letters so far.

The pharmacy school is still waiting for the final approval from the national accreditation board, but they have come a long way since the 2009 approval for plans for the public school by the Board of Governors at the school. We reported earlier this year that Marshall was in the process of renovating a floor of the building where the pharmacy school will be housed and that it was approved for a visit from Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education and that visit will take place in May. (The pharmacy school was previously denied the visit and had to make some improvements before applying again.)

Although the pharmacy school has faced a few challenges on the road to accreditation, the dean at the pharmacy school told the West Virginia Gazette that they are optimistic that Marshall will receive a positive pre-accreditation status following the visit in May. The renovation project is still under way, however, but the building will offer 80,000 square feet for the pharmacy school’s operations. They expect construction and remodeling to be completed by the end of June.

Out of the 350 applicants that are vying for a spot at the pharmacy school, Marshall can only accept 80. They hope students will begin their inaugural year for the fall term of this year, beginning in August at the new $9 million facility. Once accredited, Marshall Pharmacy School will only be the third accredited pharmacy school in the state of West Virginia; alongside West Virginia University and the University of Charleston.