Pharmacy College Takes Charge of Diabetes

Teachers at a Kentucky pharmacy are gearing up for a collaborative effort to attack diabetes among employees at an area hospital.

The University of Kentucky’s College of Pharmacy teachers are teaming up with pharmacist teachers at St. Claire Regional Medical Center, as well as other  area pharmacies to care for the people who work at the medical center.

The project, titled Project IMPACT, is administered by pharmacists working with a network of other medical professionals. The pharmacists that include those from the college and the area pharmacies provide education about topics related to diabetes including medication, management, and self care techniques to control glucose.

The project is funded by a land-grant to the university’s pharmacy college through the American Pharmacists Association Foundation.

The pharmacy college believes it is obligated to these types of causes in the community. Trish Rippetoe-Freeman is the director of the Center for the Advancement of Pharmacy Practice and is the principal investigator on the grant.

Freeman said, “We feel this project is part of our land-grant mission,” It is incumbent on us as Kentucky’s flagship, land-grant university to utilize the information and best practices we have developed within the College of Pharmacy to reach out and better lives across this state. And this project will do just that.”

The pharmacy college teachers will work with other health care providers to obtain appropriate recommendations in  individual patent’s diabetes cases.

The employees of the hospital have the option of visiting a clinic at the hospital or by visiting one of the clinics that participate in the program.

The network is large and will provide diabetes services in five countries where the employees reside. All of the pharmacists that perform the upfront review of cases will be those who specialize in the condition.