Pharmacy College Launches Nation’s First Center for Consumer Health, Research

A pharmacy college in the U.S. is gaining a spotlight for a new consumer oriented research program through patient and health professional communications.

Nova South Eastern University’s pharmacy college has created the Center for Consumer Health Informatics Research (CCHIR) to explore medications and patient reactions to medications, along with information about public health to develop better patient health programs.

Consumer health informatics is a discipline that explores the preferences of consumers and their behavior, while incorporating the newest pharmacy technologies and tools to help patients make better decisions about their health care.

NSU’s pharmacy college is the first organization to create a research center dedicated solely to this purpose. According to the center’s website, the pharmacy school created CCHIR to further the industry’s participation in research and their role in the genre of public health.

The pharmacy college’s new center will utilize patient conversations and social media applications such as Facebook and mobile web, coupled with public health and information about available medications to impact the overall health of the population.

Kevin A. Clauson, an associate professor at the pharmacy college and the CCHIR Director said that they plan to capitalize on the technology that is available and soon to become available in the industry.

“Patients are turning to the Internet in record numbers to look for answers to their health-related questions and are making treatment decisions based on what they find,” Clauson said.

CCHIR is also set to begin training for students attending pharmacy colleges. Elective classes in the topics of consumer health informatics and research will be taught by professionals in pharmaceuticals who work with CCHIR.

As an accredited higher education institution, NSU College of Pharmacy offers students a professional degree program that is intended to create industry professionals who are knowledgeable, skilled, and cultivated with the values and healthy attitudes necessary to succeed if one wants to become a pharmacist.

NSU’s pharmacy college campuses are located in Fort Lauderdale, FL; Palm Beach, FL; and Ponce, PR (Puerto Rico).