Pharmacy College Graduates Head Back to Class in India

Pharmacy college graduates in India are headed to a new training program directly out of college, the India Times reports.

As with some programs in the United States, Indian officials found that there is a gap in the education offered by pharmacy colleges.

The different knowledge required to be a pharmacist and what is required to actually operate pharmacies can be vast when graduating some institutions. To resolve this dilemma in India, the State Pharmacy Council is working on an extracurricular training program for pharmacy college graduates in an effort to help them learn critical business skills, among other things.

“We are going to equip these graduates with basic skills to enable them to manage drug stores from the day they join,” said KC Ajith Kumar, president, State Pharmacy Council in an article from the India Times. This indicates that in addition to training programs for grads, pharmacy college students there might learn more about running a pharmacy before exiting their college years.

The new program is, in part, a campaign initiated by Kerala Medical Services Corporation Ltd (KMSCL). KMSCL, an Indian pharmacy company, initiated discussions with the State Pharmacy Council, which decided to target this training to those who would operate pharmacies within government hospitals in India. There is already a 3-week class in place for pharmacy college graduates to learn the skills that would make it possible for them to run the pharmacies.

It seems as though KMSCL found that most of the pharmacy college graduates in India “weren’t good enough” according to the India Times. While they learned plenty about drugs and prescriptions, they weren’t learning enough about business to fill in the gap.

This is a problem that is under scrutiny in many communities across the globe as pharmacy graduates discover that they are qualified to only take part in working for a pharmacy, but not owning, operating, or managing one.


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    Pharmacy College Graduates Head Back to Class in India…

    Pharmacy college graduates in India are being told by a major pharmacy retailer that their education “isn’t good enough” for government run hospitals and pharmacies….