Pharmacy College Focuses on Innovation with Donation Funds

A pharmacy school in Ontario was recently awarded with a large fund to create a program that hopes to increase innovation and research in the pharmacy profession in the region.

The Canadian-based Ontario College of Pharmacists paid the University Of Waterloo School Of Pharmacy a sum of $600,000 to create the Ontario College of Pharmacists Professorship in Pharmacy Innovation.

The professorship will help students and pharmacists already practicing in the industry to understand where the industry will need to go in the future as it relates to recent transitions in the field of study. Along with pharmacy colleges in the U.S., they are being called upon by health care leaders and public health officials to rethink the way they relate to the overall health system.

Pharmacists are seeking new ways to take a more active role in the realm of public health and how they can be a bigger part of an allied medical force. Pharmacy schools are targeted in this effort as a way to help produce the desired result. Pharmacy technicians, for example, are being prepped to handle more of the workload in a pharmacy setting in order to free the pharmacist to focus on community health and consultative roles.

The Ontario College of Pharmacists is a regulatory agency for pharmacies in the Ontario region and was created as a result of Canada’s Regulated Health Professions Act. As a result of the OCP’s formation, Canadian pharmacies and pharmacists must meet minimum quality standards and the pharmaceutical industry is poised to better coordinate with allied health agencies.

The University of Waterloo has nearly 35,000 students and offers degrees in pharmacy and supporting roles. The institution provides degree programs in a multitude of disciplines. The pharmacy college at the University of Waterloo was established in 2007 and is the newest pharmacy school in Canada.


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    Pharmacy College Focuses on Innovation with Donation Funds…

    Canada’s newest pharmacy college funded and aligned with U.S. efforts to innovate and change the pharmacy industry….