Pharmacy Classes Never Tasted so Good

By helping pharmacy schools across the nation, a company that makes flavored additives for medicines has met a landmark number in their effort to help kids stomach the taste of medications.

FLAVORx has been donating its flavoring system to pharmacy schools for a while now, but recently announced that it reached 100 donations in the United States, allowing even more pharmacy students to train on using the additives before they ever leave college.

Pharmacy schools that use the flavoring system in their curriculum include some pretty big college names, too. The Harding College of Pharmacy, Kansas City School of Pharmacy, and the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy use FLAVORx additives in training classes.

The flavoring system is widely used in retail pharmacies in the United States and the chances that a student will need to know how to use it are very likely according to industry representatives. At least 40,000 pharmacies stock the medicine additive, which comes with a set of instructions for concocting just the right amount of flavor laden syrup with the medications.

The company started donating the system to pharmacy schools in 2010 and before that, using the flavor system required on the job training. Because it became so popular among pharmacists and consumers, it was a natural transition for the company to give future pharmacists and pharmacy technicians a head start on that training.

There is a variety of flavor choices with the system, so it can be a little complex to understand and implement at first. That’s why the company decided to donate the system to pharmacy schools, where training could happen in a more controlled environment. It’s just one more way for pharmacy schools to truly prepare future professionals for the real scenarios they will encounter in the world of retail pharmacy operations.