New Pharmacy College Graduates First Class, Hosts Major Conference this Year

A new Hawaiian pharmacy college is hosting a conference this month comprising almost 500 scientists and experts in the study of natural medicine.

The Hilo’s College of Pharmacy, a new program available at the University of Hawaii will host thirteen general meetings to investigate homeopathic products.

The conference will include discussions about products in metabolism, cancer chemotherapy prevention, agriculture, and new drug therapies. The scientists are hailing from nearly twenty different countries and many will experience Hawaii for the first time this winter.

John Pezzuto, Dean of the Pharmacy College, who is also the discoverer of cancer preventative actions in red grapes and red wines, said that research conducted by the scientists could alter the world’s health care.

“Their research will change global health care, and the importance of their contributions cannot be overstated,” Pezzuto told Hawaii247, a local publication.

He also stated that he’s looking forward to showing the scientists why the Big Island is dubbed the “living laboratory”. The island provides a rich study environment for students of the pharmacy college.

Among the scientists attending the conference at Hawaii’s pharmacy school will be world-ramous keynote speakers such as the princess of Thailand and experts from the United States Department of Agriculture.

The conference marks the 50th annual meeting of the Phytochemical Society of North America.

This is a big honor for the pharmacy college at Hilo, which just saw its first class of pharmacy technicians graduating earlier this year in May.  So far, the new program has been a success and students that graduated from the school in May have reported that they were hired for pharmacy technician job soon after graduation.

Graduates of the pharmacy college have already gone on to work at many retail chains, stand-alone pharmacies, and hospitals according to a press release from the school. According to the report, more than half chose to stay in Hawaii for work and over 60% of the graduates had either found work already or were being paid for a residency.




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