Florida Pharmacy School in Trouble

A plan by the State Senate in Florida to slice spending in an attempt to balance the state’s spending could doom one of only six pharmacy schools in the state.

The pharmacy program at the University of South Florida stands to lose millions used to operate their program, along with the school’s state funding of $79 million under the senate plan and another $49 million withdrawn that would be used to build a new campus in Lakeland, FL.

There are only six such pharmacy schools in Florida, three of them are public and three of them are private. In a new report by Tampa Bay Online, the dean of the pharmacy college, Kevin Sneed, said that the funding cut is a death sentence for the pharmacy school and makes Florida look bad in front of the entire nation. “With everything that’s at stake, if would be a huge national embarrassment for the state of Florida if they did any damage to our pharmacy program,” Sneed said in the report.

However, all by 10 of the states have made similar spending cuts on colleges and higher education to varying degrees. The New York Times, among other national publications, are already criticizing Governor Rick Scott for the methods by which the state is cutting spending this year. The senate measure affecting the pharmacy school encompasses cutting $500 million from colleges and a house proposal wants to cut $250 million through similar measures.

This also means tuition hikes for the students already enrolled in the pharmacy program and the University of South Florida and any other state-funded pharmacy school. Florida isn’t alone in the cuts and tuition hikes, however. The pharmacy school at USF is a newer program that could fail following the cuts, which would translate into faculty lay-offs as well.


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    Florida Pharmacy School in Trouble…

    Budget cuts in Florida’s congress could doom pharmacy school at USF….