Buffalo Pharmacy School Moving from UB Campus

In an unprecedented move, the entire pharmacy school at the University of Buffalo is moving to a new location. Staff at the school is finding it difficult to coordinate such a large move effort, and liken it to “moving a mini-medical school”. The move will be good for the school, however. The new $64 million, 147,000 square foot space will allow them to better utilize the space available to them, according to the school’s newspaper:

(UB Reporter) Cushy, upholstered chairs in bold colors line the ground-floor hallway of John and Editha Kapoor Hall, the new South Campus home of the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences located just behind Parker Hall along Winspear Avenue. Construction workers buzz about, trailing power-tool cables. Linda Stanton, an administrative assistant in the school’s Office of External Affairs, pushes a wheeled cart full of flattened moving boxes through the maze of people and equipment.

UB Pharmacy’s move, which began on May 1 and continues until late June, marks the first time in nearly 40 years that an entire school has relocated from one UB campus to another.

Although the four-year, $64 million renovation of the former Acheson Hall chemistry building has been in the works for 11 years and is going according to schedule, there isn’t exactly an instruction manual for moving 600 scientists, staff members and students, and all of their stuff.

Last week, the school’s administrative offices and support staff, as well as the pharmacy practice department and four laboratories, began moving out of Cooke and Hochstetter halls and into the bright, window-filled Kapoor Hall. In many….

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