Annual Conferences Hopes to Close Gap between Pharmacy School and Pharmacy Ownership

Pharmacy schools teach students how to become a pharmacist or pharmacy technician, but few teach the skills necessary to open an independent establishment following graduation.

An organization named Pharmacy Development Services has stepped in to help bridge this gap and will soon host its 8th annual conference, this year boasting a new exclusive sponsor according to a national press release today.

The announcement was made today that the Parata Systems will sponsor the 2012 Independent Pharmacy Business Growth Conference hosted by Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) on February 23rd.

Parata Systems developed automation methods that save time in pharmacies, allowing pharmacists to focus more of their time on patient care. PDS hosts this conference annually for owners who want to hone their business skills and keep their business afloat – a common challenge in the current economic state.

The conference is geared to provide information about logistics and overcoming the challenges in running an independent pharmacy operation. Smaller pharmacy schools generally omit business practices from a student’s formal education, choosing to instead focus their coveted time with students on the mechanics of pharmacology and medication awareness.

Therefore, there is a gap in the education from pharmacy schools for students who intend to start a business following graduation. Students who want to open their own pharmacy are often required to seek a secondary degree in business, either jointly with their pharmacy school degree or following graduation.

Pharmacy Development Services is based out of Palm Springs, FL and is a marketing and business education company. In this regard, PDS hopes to assist pharmacists in learning what they weren’t taught in pharmacy school – how to run a successful business. The Independent Pharmacy Business Growth Conference is the largest meeting of its kind, boasting attendees comprised of the owners of successful pharmacies across the nation.