100% of Pharmacy School Students Passed Board Exams at Illinois College

It is a landmark occasion for one Illinois pharmacy school as all 77 students in their class passed their federal and multiple state licensing exams.

Pharmacy students at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville passed the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination in addition to the Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Exam.

The college was notified this month about their feat, which happened a mere two years following its full accreditation. The state average pass rate for pharmacy students taking each of the licensing tests is around 93%. The national average for passing is about 95% for each test.

Dr. Gireesh Gupchup, the pharmacy school’s dean, says that their pass rates are often above the state and national average, but admits that 100% is rare. Dr. Gupchup bases his assessment on years of experience in a pharmacy school atmosphere.

“I’ve been in higher education since the mid-90s and this is the only time I’ve seen a 100 percent pass rate for an entire class. There’s always one or two students who may not pass on the first attempt,” he told a local publication.


Most of the credit goes to the students and teachers who worked so hard to make it happen, he mentions. The pharmacy school also gets help from pharmacists who volunteer with the program. Volunteers are unpaid professionals who teach and mentor the pharmacy students throughout their time at the school.


The “precepts”, as the volunteers are known, allow even first year students a glimpse into the real lives of working pharmacists. A student’s first year at the pharmacy school includes eight rotations in a clinical environment where they are exposed to pediatrics and other special disciplines. This type of hands-on experience makes up about 75% of the curriculum for students at the school according to Dr. Gupchup.