Pharmacy Schools Can Boost Success of Independent Pharmacies

Pharmacy schools have been focusing on the business and entrepreneurship aspects of pharmacy for a few years now, following the rise in popularity for bigger chains that can offer better prices than a small, owner-operated community pharmacy. Pharmacy schools may have a bigger role in the success of independent pharmacists than some students previously thought, however, thanks to a few tricks … [Read more...]

Pharmacy Classes Never Tasted so Good

By helping pharmacy schools across the nation, a company that makes flavored additives for medicines has met a landmark number in their effort to help kids stomach the taste of medications. FLAVORx has been donating its flavoring system to pharmacy schools for a while now, but recently announced that it reached 100 donations in the United States, allowing even more pharmacy students to train on … [Read more...]

Pharmacy Technician Classes in Lifelong Learning Program

A Michigan college is adding pharmacy technician training to its growing list of technical certificates, providing a gateway for community members to work in the industry or move on to pharmacy school. Kellogg Community College is based in Battle Creek, Michigan and made the announcement recently that it will add pharmacy technician classes as well as phlebotomy technician classes to the … [Read more...]

Pharmacy College Focuses on Innovation with Donation Funds

A pharmacy school in Ontario was recently awarded with a large fund to create a program that hopes to increase innovation and research in the pharmacy profession in the region. The Canadian-based Ontario College of Pharmacists paid the University Of Waterloo School Of Pharmacy a sum of $600,000 to create the Ontario College of Pharmacists Professorship in Pharmacy Innovation. The … [Read more...]

Florida Pharmacy School in Trouble

A plan by the State Senate in Florida to slice spending in an attempt to balance the state’s spending could doom one of only six pharmacy schools in the state. The pharmacy program at the University of South Florida stands to lose millions used to operate their program, along with the school’s state funding of $79 million under the senate plan and another $49 million withdrawn that would be … [Read more...]

Pharmacy Technician Schools Might See New Class Requirements

A recent survey by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists provided insight into the critical role of pharmacy technician schools in the broader view of pharmacy businesses. The survey included the feedback of hundreds of professional pharmacists in the United States and many of them emphatically agreed that properly trained pharmacy technicians can make or break the pharmacy … [Read more...]

VA Pharmacy School Raises Scholarship Funding

A pharmacy school in Richmond, Virginia made it possible for students to obtain scholarship funds through an inventive auction to raise more than $10,000. The Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Pharmacy published the news first, stating that a benefit art auction yielded the funding, which they will use toward student scholarships. It isn’t often that a pharmacy school takes … [Read more...]

Pharmacy School Opens Soon in WV

A new pharmacy school is set to open ahead of schedule at the Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Spring Valley, West Virginia this summer. Marshall University’s School of Pharmacy was set to open in August, but new reports say the facility might be completed as early as July. The $7.5 million renovation project to turn two-floors of the Robert Coon Education Building into the university’s … [Read more...]

Pharmacy School’s Innovative Professor Joins Accreditation Council

A leading pharmacy school is in the news again after announcements of plans for their associate dean of student affairs to join a pharmacy school accreditation organization. The University of Maryland announced that Robert Beardsley, who has been a faculty member since 1977 and was promoted to professor in the early 90’s, will serve as the president of the board of directors for the … [Read more...]

Hawaiian Pharmacy School Needs Funding

The Hilo College of Pharmacy recently graduated its first class of pharmacy students last may, but now the college says it needs some funding to really grow. The pharmacy school is brand new to the University of Hawaii at Hilo, starting classes in 2007, but has no home of its own at the campus according to news reports. Pharmacy school officials are worried about their ability to attract … [Read more...]