Pharmacy School Lessons in Role Reversal

Students at a pharmacy school in Rochester, New York experienced a day in the life of someone that few consider as they complete their pharmacy classes with optimistic dreams of a future in the pharmacy industry. Students at St. John Fisher’s School of Pharmacy experienced for the first time what it is like to be a member of the deaf community when trying to navigate through the country’s … [Read more...]

Pharmacy Schools Fight Against Cancer

A fraternity from a pharmacy school in North Carolina helped organize an important race in their community last month. The fraternity Kappa Epsilon from the University of North Carolina’s Eshelman School of Pharmacy organized the first ever Caring Community 5k run to raise money for local residents trying to pay for basic necessities and cancer treatments in the great Chapel Hill area. The … [Read more...]

Pharmacy School Closer to Accreditation

A new pharmacy school in Charleston, WV is finally finished accepting applications after months of waiting for the school’s accreditation process and renovations to be completed. The Marshall Pharmacy School has now accepted 350 applications and the applications faculty has sent out 35 acceptance letters so far. The pharmacy school is still waiting for the final approval from the national … [Read more...]

Pharmacy School Published 5-Year Plan

A pharmacy school in North Carolina recently settled a new strategic plan for that covered seven different initiatives at the school. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill approved the plan for academic years 2012 to 2017 that discusses education transformation, pharmacy practices, research and training, and others. The pharmacy school is known for its self-analysis procedures … [Read more...]

Pharmacy School Coming to California

Two colleges in the state of California are teaming up to open a pharmacy school in the state to meet the expected growth in this allied-health sector over the next decade. California’s Chapman University and the Keck Graduate Institute are making plans to enter into a joint venture to open the new School of BioPharmacy. The new pharmacy school will teach students about pharmaceuticals and … [Read more...]

Pharmacy School Opens New Facility in MS

A pharmacy school in Mississippi just opened a brand new facility in Jackson that will be dedicated to the advancement of the school’s pharmacy program and the success of it’s students. The University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy held the dedication ceremony for its new education and research building on February 23rd at the UM Medical Center. The education and research building allows … [Read more...]

Pharmacy Schools Take Part in Medicine Adherence Challenge

The only public pharmacy school in Missouri recently won the first ever National Challenge Award for its efforts in the Script Your Future Medication Adherence Challenge. Script Your Future is an organization that helps patients manage their health care issues through education and assistance with understanding how their medications work to improve their health and provides tools to help them … [Read more...]

USF Pharmacy School Saved from Budget Cuts

Just a few days ago, students and faculty at the pharmacy school at the University of South Florida were worried that budget cuts in the state could mitigate their education abilities as a result of cuts to a program that directly funded some of the schools important functions. Now they have learned that the budget cuts will spare the pharmacy school, putting to rest any concerns they had over … [Read more...]

Pharmacy School Adds Pharmaceutical Sciences Degree

A pharmacy school in Boston will soon offer a bachelors degree in pharmaceutical sciences to provide more opportunities to pharmacy students interested in the discipline. Northeastern University’s School of Pharmacy made the decision after recognizing that there is a growing industry in pharmacy science disciplines that might cost them students in the long-run. In the past, the school has … [Read more...]

Pharmacy School Considers Midway Campus

A pharmacy school from West Virginia is creating an opportunity for students from an underserved area to attend pharmacy classes from an accredited college soon. The University of Charleston recently announced that it signed a Letter of Intent in December to make way for a move that will bring its pharmacy school to the Midway College Paintsville location. As of the signing of the Letter of … [Read more...]