Student Role Model and Pharmacy Pioneer Dies at 92

An influential pharmacist, Harry Hind graduated from pharmacy school more than 60 years ago – well before modern laboratories and research facilities made it easier to find solutions to common problems. That didn’t stop Hind. He never looked at an obstacle as a road block, he simply looked for a way around the problem. To his friends and family, he was an inventor and brilliant scientist. To … [Read more...]

Pharmacy School Expands Campus

With a growing health industry in the United States, pharmacy schools are proactively gearing up to meet the needs of new students that flock to their campuses each year. St. Joseph Pharmacy College is a new school in Hartford, but finds that expansion is already necessary. According to a report by the Hartford Business Journal, St. Joseph’s pharmacy school is looking to become a bigger part of … [Read more...]

Pharmacy Students Win Big At Competition

Pharmacy schools offer few opportunities for future pharmacists to compete with other scholars in national pharmacy schools, but one competition this year allowed them to do just that. Pharmacy students designed posters and presented ideas on managed health care at an organization’s annual competition for student pharmacists: ALEXANDRIA, Va., April 25, 2012 --/PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The … [Read more...]

Researchers at Pharmacy School Find Cancer Prevention in Oil

Pharmacy school research laboratories are places where students learn about chemistry and pharmacology (drug interaction with living systems). Led by some of the top researchers in the nation, these student-involved research projects can often lead to enlightening information about disease, treating disease, and how the human body reacts to medication and the world around them. As reported this … [Read more...]

Pharmacy Schools Returning Pharmacists to Community Service

Pharmacy schools have geared up to prepare graduates for a new role in their communities. Pharmacy schools are beginning to train technicians on handling more of the workload at pharmacies to enable pharmacists more free time to work on community outreach programs. In the past, pharmacists were very involved in the role of public health and were integral parts of making sure the community was … [Read more...]

VCU Pharmacy School Wins RxIMPACT Award

A pharmacy school was named the winner of a drug store chain’s annual award for schools and students who advocate for public health and work in the community. Many pharmacy school students choose to spend their college years getting involved in projects that promote wellness; an important resume booster for graduate programs and entry into the job market. The National Association of Chain Drug … [Read more...]

Pharmacy School Boasts President’s Award for Students

Pharmacy school students volunteer for many reasons; some do it for the extra credit, some do it for the resume item, and still others do it because they truly enjoy helping others. Full-time students that go to pharmacy school stay fairly busy on studies, but some students put in extra hours to help out their fellow human beings. Some of those students were recently recognized with the … [Read more...]

UNC Pharmacy School Recieves 2.5 Million Donation

Few pharmacy schools are lucky enough to have super-wealthy alumna supporting their cause, but one school in North Carolina is just that lucky. The University of North Carolina has again received a massive donation from Fred Eshelman; a gift worth $2.5 million: CHAPEL HILL, NC (NEWS RELEASE) -- The UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has received a … [Read more...]

Pharmacy Schools Honored by APA

Pharmacy schools are known for breakthough discoveries, community involvement, and being concerned about the state of public health and healthcare. As the pharmacy industry becomes more involved in general healthcare, some schools are being recognized by peers for their outstanding achievements. The American Pharmacists Association is a well-known entity in the pharmacy industry, including the … [Read more...]

Pharmacy School Professor Honored by APA

A professor at a Florida pharmacy school is the newest recipient of highest honors from an industry association's annual research award. The American Pharmacists Association announced last month that the University of Florida professor was "chosen for her significant contributions". The American Pharmacists Association on March 9, honored Carole L. Kimberlin, Ph.D., FAPhA, a professor of … [Read more...]