Pharmacy Students Write about Top Pain Medications

Pharmacy schools are well-known institutions for research and development in the areas of pain management and disease treatment. Occasionally, pharmacy schools publish reports to medical journals about their discoveries and research. This year, the pharmacy students attending the Skaggs School of Pharmacy have published a study on the metabolic effects of pain medications, in conjunction with the … [Read more...]

Pharmacy Students Bound for Rural Namibia Towns

A majority of pharmacy students in the United States are bound for hospital and community pharmacies following graduation. But pharmacy schools in other countries face different challenges: internships during college and job placement following graduation depend on the needs of the community and the pharmaceutical industry. Some students head out to rural areas to help doctors and nurses with … [Read more...]

Teen’s Job Prompts Pharmacy School Bid

While most teens are working at summer jobs to earn money for their own pursuits, few find the inspiration for college while working a part time job. Michelle Nunes worked at a pharmacy during her time in high school, and found that pharmacy college was the next logical step, according to one report: (Westside Connect) A high school job at a local drug store inspired Michelle Nunes to pursue a … [Read more...]

Pharmacy College Accreditation Recognized

A pharmacy college in Canada is now recognized as an accredited institution for its pharmacy programs and curriculum. The Qatar University College of Pharmacy received accreditation from the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada this month, making it a recognized institution internationally. (Ame Info) …The move by the PEBC recognizes the College's BSc (Pharm) graduates as graduates of a pharmacy … [Read more...]

Pharmacy Technician College at Seminole

A new wave of pharmacy technician jobs is prompting new programs to open up across the U.S. In the latest trends of the pharmacy industry, technicians are taking on a more active role in the clinical setting, allowing pharmacists to do more in regard to community oriented health care. A new college program in Central Florida will be the first in the area to accommodate students that are interested … [Read more...]

Buffalo Pharmacy School Moving from UB Campus

In an unprecedented move, the entire pharmacy school at the University of Buffalo is moving to a new location. Staff at the school is finding it difficult to coordinate such a large move effort, and liken it to “moving a mini-medical school”. The move will be good for the school, however. The new $64 million, 147,000 square foot space will allow them to better utilize the space available to them, … [Read more...]

Pharmacy Technicians in College Take Health Training Seriously

Pharmacy colleges in the U.S. are gearing up for the inevitable shift in pharmacy operations that will require more pharmacists to work in the community – leaving more work to be done back at the pharmacy. According to industry reports, pharmacy technicians are expected to pick up the slack and handle more of the responsibility. Schools across the nation are preparing their students for this … [Read more...]

Unique College Program Helps Pharmacy Students Succeed

In most colleges of pharmacy, students spend the majority of their time learning in a laboratory setting before heading out for a residency to help them ‘learn the ropes’ in a real-world pharmacy. But at the Touro College of Pharmacy, students spend at least two years studying in the field where they deal directly with the population who needs them the most. (NY Daily News) May 17th, 2012 - … [Read more...]

Pharmacy Students School Others on Drug Abuse

Part of being a pharmacist is community education. More students are being taught that they will take a bigger part in community health care and disease prevention than prior pharmacy graduates. One school is sending pharmacy students out to area schools to do just that as they talk on the problems with drugs in among students in the United States. (WCYB) May 15th, 2012 - We've reported on … [Read more...]

Boom in Pharmacy Schools Lead to Saturated Market in TN

In Tennessee, there are six full pharmacy schools producing new and talented pharmacists this year and in the immediate future. Some claim that even though there was at one time only one pharmacy school, graduates from the newest schools might find it tough to compete over traditional jobs in the state. Some say that there aren’t enough pharmacy jobs to go around, but others claim that the jobs … [Read more...]