How to Become a Pharmacy Technician

For students who want to become a pharmacy technician, pharmacy schools offer certificate and degree programs that allow students to enter directly into the pharmacy industry at an entry level position or higher, depending on the graduate’s degree. Pharmacy schools that offer technician degrees are rapidly growing in popularity and new schools are opening all over the country on a consistent … [Read more...]

Pharmacy Class Prerequisites for Pharm. D. Students

A Pharm. D. degree (or Doctor of Pharmacy degree) is the highest form of degree for pharmacists in the United States. A good pharmacy school will teach students everything they need to know about becoming a pharmacist. Before applying to a doctorate program and attending pharmacy classes for the advanced degree, students must first complete prerequisite courses – courses that are necessary in … [Read more...]

Understanding Basic Career Options for Pharmacy School Graduates

A career as a pharmacist or a pharmacy technician can be a very rewarding experience; especially if you enjoy helping others live healthy lives. If you haven’t yet made a decision about attending pharmacy school, understanding what you can do with your degree and what it takes to earn each degree is a good place to start. There is no shortage of opportunities in pharmacy related careers and … [Read more...]

Pharmacy Colleges

Pharmacy colleges are meeting the growing demand for qualified pharmacists across the county. Growth in the pharmaceutical industry fueled by its ability to research diseases and formulate new medications has led to a greater demand for pharmacists.  The primary work of a pharmacist is to dispense medication prescribed by doctors to their patients.  In order to do their job properly, pharmacists … [Read more...]

Become a Pharmacist

Have you ever wanted to become a pharmacist? Some career fields seem to have more opportunities than others these days.  Right now, jobs in health care are in high demand, especially in the field of pharmacy.  While other fields such as the financial sector might provide a higher income, there is also a struggle with job security, especially in this lagging economy.  If one desires a secure and … [Read more...]

Pharmacy Schools – How to Choose the Best One

When choosing a pharmacy school, there are four things you must consider: accreditation, specialized programs, faculty and ranking.  Pharmacy schools are usually part of a university and referred to as the Faculty of Pharmacy.  As a pharmacist, you can work in research laboratories for pharmaceutical companies, run your own pharmacy, work for a hospital or healthcare facility, or teach in colleges … [Read more...]

How to Obtain a Pharmacist Degree

Obtaining a pharmacist degree requires tremendous amount of study and dedication.  You must also have a love of science and math, excellent communication and people skill, and high ethical standards.  The reward for your hard work is becoming part of a respected and trusted profession tasked with dispensing and assuring the best drug therapy for patients. The pharmacist profession has evolved … [Read more...]

Pharmacy Technician Certification

A pharmacy technician works with the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist and assists in tasks that do not require the professional judgment of a pharmacist.  Some pharmacy technicians have on-the-job training only, but most employers prefer those who have completed a formal training and acquired a pharmacy technician certification. A pharmacy technician performs many pharmacy-related … [Read more...]

Types of Pharmacists

Academic Pharmacists Academic pharmacists teach and do research in colleges and schools of pharmacy. Ambulatory Pharmacist Ambulatory Pharmacists accommodate decreases in patient hospital visits and inpatient days-- a major goal of every health insurance company and health care organizations. They manage patients at risk for or experiencing drug-related problems (e.g. noncompliance, … [Read more...]