Highest Paying Jobs in Pharmacy

Jobs for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can vary in pay-range. Pharmacists and technicians can work in a variety of environments, some of which typically carry a higher pay rate than working at a retail pharmacy. In general, the best paid pharmacy jobs are those that require specialized knowledge in research or another unique field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, pharmacists … [Read more...]

Types of Work Environments for Pharmacists

Pharmacists work in a variety of environments depending on the type of job they are doing and the type of customer they will service. Most pharmacists work in an actual pharmacy, but many work in laboratory and office settings. Because pharmacists are needed for an array of jobs within community health and research-related fields of medicine, the types of work environments are also varied. For … [Read more...]

Types of Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists in many of the important tasks relating to the research, science, and distribution of medicine. Different types of pharmacy technicians are needed to support the work of pharmacists in a variety of settings. Pharmacy technicians are placed in support roles that enable scientists and community pharmacists to concentrate on the major tasks or goals of an … [Read more...]

Should Your Worry about a Pharmacy School Residency?

Many students entering into a pharmacy college this year are thinking about the inevitable end of their time in college. Specifically, when planning out their college education the question of residency will come up for many schools. This is a highly debated topic among professional educators, some of whom say that residency is necessary. Others claim it is not. So what’s the real scoop on … [Read more...]

Online Resources for Students Pharmacy Technician Classes

Pharmacy school is a challenging time for future pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Luckily, many online resources are available to make quick work of drug research, career information, and other questions common to pharmacy technician students. We have collected a list of online resources for students, as provided by reputable institutions in pharmacy education. Rasmussen College has … [Read more...]

What to Expect from a Pharmacy School Interview

When applying to a pharmacy school, it is important to remember that there will be a face to face interview process. Pharmacy schools are interested in enrolling bright students who are will to work hard and that are eager to learn their trade with enthusiasm.  It is also a situation where the old cliché, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”, rings true. Since you only get … [Read more...]

3 “Must-Have” Phone Apps for Students in Pharmacy Schools

While students in many pharmacy schools are required to have access to Lexi-Comp, at minimum, there are plenty of other phone apps that are indispensable to pharmacy students.  Pharmacists also use phone apps to get information on the spot and when a computer is unavailable to them. Great apps to use during pharmacy school do not really differ from those used by professional pharmacists. You … [Read more...]

Student Life in Pharmacy School Graduate Programs

While thinking about possible careers and schools, pharmacy school students rarely consider the “student life” they will encounter in a graduate program. Graduate programs are more difficult and take up more of the student’s time than lesser degree programs. In the end, all of the hard work is worth the master’s degree that will get them top paying jobs after graduation. But, what is student life … [Read more...]

Pharmacy Degrees: Earning & Using a BSPS Degree

A BSPS (Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences) Degree from a pharmacy school is a four-year degree program that is focused on the study of pharmacology. Pharmacology is the study of how living systems react to medications and chemical compounds. Unlike a pharmacy degree (PharmD), a BSPS degree prepares students for a career in the field of scientific research and medication … [Read more...]

Pharmacy School Degrees: Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Pharmacy school students who wish to work in the pharmaceuticals industry should understand that there is a major difference between pharmacy and pharmacology; namely, the pharmacy. Pharmacy degrees are for pharmacists and pharmacology degrees are for researchers. The education requirements for these two professions are different and the job descriptions are quite different as well. Earning a … [Read more...]