How to Become a Pharmacy Technician

For students who want to become a pharmacy technician, pharmacy schools offer certificate and degree programs that allow students to enter directly into the pharmacy industry at an entry level position or higher, depending on the graduate’s degree. Pharmacy schools that offer technician degrees are rapidly growing in popularity and new schools are opening all over the country on a consistent basis.

Much like other health and allied-health industries, the pharmacy industry is growing at a fast pace. The need for new pharmacy technicians is also increasing at the same pace, so becoming a pharmacy technician is a good career choice for students who wish to work in a health-related industry. Pharmacy technicians work in retail pharmacies and in hospital pharmacies, which includes assisted living facilities and other types of clinics and residential facilities.

As the industry grows, the duties of pharmacy technicians are changing, too. Once hired for basic tasks around the pharmacy, technicians are being taught to perform many more of the critical duties in place of pharmacists, so that pharmacists can take a bigger role in the public health of their communities. In pharmacy schools today, pharmacy technicians are taught about the important role that they will play in the public’s overall healthcare as well as the vital duties for which they will be responsible upon entering the workplace.

Obtaining a higher level degree as a pharmacy technician will allow graduating students to earn higher income immediately starting in the pharmacy industry, as well as open doors to opportunities that may be offered by high-end and high-traffic health facilities. Associate degree students are required to complete more classes and earn credits in ancillary subjects, depending on the state, so it can take longer to complete a degree program. Many companies require a degree from a pharmacy school or other college from candidates applying for pharmacy technician job, but certificate level graduates will also have vast opportunity in the job market.

Pharmacy technicians help with pharmacy operations by filling prescriptions and other critical services under the supervision of a pharmacist. They go to pharmacy school to learn how to calculate medication doses, fill syringes in a manner that is safe for a patient to use, and prepare liquid medication and IV medications. In a hospital setting, pharmacy technicians may also be responsible for restocking carts, such as nurses stations, and make sure exam rooms and operating rooms have the necessary medications needed in case of immediate use.

They also perform a number of quality management services for customers and the pharmacy business itself. Pharmacy technicians learn in class how to count inventory and order medications that are running low, college information to help improve the quality of services offered by the pharmacy where they work, and other skills.


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