3 “Must-Have” Phone Apps for Students in Pharmacy Schools

While students in many pharmacy schools are required to have access to Lexi-Comp, at minimum, there are plenty of other phone apps that are indispensable to pharmacy students.  Pharmacists also use phone apps to get information on the spot and when a computer is unavailable to them.

Great apps to use during pharmacy school do not really differ from those used by professional pharmacists. You will need access to the same information and, if you find an app that is perfect for your studies, you will have also found an app that is ideal for professional use, as well. Not all phone apps are free (some are), so consider the cost of the tool before using it. Make sure it will really make your time at pharmacy school better and not become a hindrance, instead.

LEXI-COMP (For iPhone or Android)

Lexi-Comp is an app that looks up drug information for pharmacists and other medical professionals. The company has created phone apps specifically tailored for student use and offer discounts to students who purchase the app or software. The makers say this about their app for pharmacy students:

“Lexicomp develops superior, unbiased drug information to support medication safety and positively impact treatment outcomes. Our comprehensive pharmacology content is applicable at the point-of-care across all patient ages and many areas of specialization.” (See more here.)

(For iPhone or Android)

Micromedex is a great app for pre pharmacy student and pharmacy graduate students, alike. It is free to use as a basic lookup tool and seems to earn respect among students.

A forum member at StudentDoctor.net said about this app: “After switching to Micromedex, I’ve never gone back to Lexi as far as phones are concerned. Micromedex Drugs (strictly drug info) is free, while Interactions is available at cost unless you have a code from your school. As a pre-pharm, I would think MM is more than enough.”

The makers of Micromedex say this about their product: “Thomson Reuters Micromedex is the most reliable, trusted name in evidence-based clinical reference. We lead the industry because of our unmatched editorial process, reliable content, and innovative user-friendly enhancements. And now Micromedex 2.0 has been revamped to make finding evidence-based drug information and clinical answers much faster and easier.” (See more here.)

EPOCRATES (For iPhone or Android)

Epocrates claims to accomplish the same tasks as the previous apps, but may do so with a more fluid interface. It is recommended by some pharmacy students in place of Micromedex and Lexi-Comp. There is some debate about which program is better, but an independent review of the app said:

“If there’s one place where Epocrates is clearly ahead of Lexi-Comp, it’s navigation. Throughout the app, nothing is ever wider than the screen, so there’s never any left-right scrolling. “(Read the review.)

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